Emiliano1036: South Lake Tahoe beautiful landscape (2014)
Emiliano1036: South Lake Tahoe paratropper.
Emiliano1036: Chubut's Girls. (2015)
Emiliano1036: Great man, great friend, Santi. I have no idea where he is. (California, 2015)
Emiliano1036: San Francisco's Bridge, so huge. I remember when I crossed it driving with my brother and Santi.
Emiliano1036: Bauti grew up a lot (2016)
Emiliano1036: Big Moon on South Lake Tahoe (2015)
Emiliano1036: Old man thinking a lot on Tigre, Buenos Aires (2016)
Emiliano1036: Lovely wolf on Sierra (2015)
Emiliano1036: Buenos Aires went crazy !
Emiliano1036: Under a big wood bridge in South Lake Tahoe (2014)
Emiliano1036: Final work (2015)
Emiliano1036: Chubut, Argentina
Emiliano1036: Friendly dog of South Lake Tahoe (2014)
Emiliano1036: Rooftop Rockefeller Center (2014)
Emiliano1036: First work day in Sierra South Lake Tahoe, California 2014.
Emiliano1036: 2011 in Punta Tombo, Patagonia, Argentina.
Emiliano1036: This guy was welding beside my house and i went to ask him if i could take him some photos.
Emiliano1036: 2014 in NY. Was really cold.
Emiliano1036: Bauti, he was so little.