elatractor: the office in the street
elatractor: nobody leaves the subway
elatractor: the wait
elatractor: a gentleman
elatractor: strange pedestrian
elatractor: alone in the street
elatractor: nulticulturalism
elatractor: need help?
elatractor: the corner
elatractor: sun tanning
elatractor: in and out
elatractor: the man in the sunglasses
elatractor: spanish workers
elatractor: parading in background
elatractor: what will be down there?
elatractor: they do not have a credit card
elatractor: friends will be friends
elatractor: something catches their attention
elatractor: when the world is coming on you
elatractor: in single file
elatractor: do you want a coffee?
elatractor: the man with the cigarette
elatractor: the beautiful model and the mongolian photographer
elatractor: the conversation
elatractor: child alone in bus stop
elatractor: our man in Madrid
elatractor: Chaplin in Madrid
elatractor: space brigades