El Barto75: Newcastle city center September 2020.
El Barto75: New life. Satanic Southern Brazilians CB here 26.08.2020
El Barto75: Newcastle upon Tyne quayside.
El Barto75: Beautiful Bolivian amarali CB here 2018. Male short tailed Boa.
El Barto75: Eerie jellyfish. North Sea diving 19.07.2020. Class.
El Barto75: Great visibilty today at Beadnell. 19.07.2020. Temp 13C. Depth 12m. Visibility 10m. Time down under 59 mins.
El Barto75: North Sea scuba diving 19.07.2020.
El Barto75: First dive of 2020. July the 12th.
El Barto75: Shit head dusk wanting endless strokes. He’s mint really.
El Barto75: Female Suriname CB here 2019.
El Barto75: Bolivian amarali C.B here 2019.
El Barto75: Coronavirus covid 19, 2020. The virus that stopped the world and took thousands of lives. Sucks. I’m still a conspiracy nutter and think there is more to this etc. Stay safe anyhow
El Barto75: More good cheer for Easter.
El Barto75: Bit of good cheer for Easter.
El Barto75: Dark days. You can sense Spring is coming soon though. Suriname male CB here 2019.
El Barto75: Bolivian amarali 2019 now available via my website. Delivery to Hamm and USA available. Many thanks.
El Barto75: You can’t see California without Mr Brando’s eyes.
El Barto75: Spotted moray eel.
El Barto75: Trumpet fish.