e³°°°: dandelion in haze
e³°°°: Locust, hypnotising the photographer with his evil eyes
e³°°°: cabbage-white exploring a honesty
e³°°°: "our" sparrow on a sunflower
e³°°°: the story of the visit of a giant female rhinocerosbeetle received with awe & hospitality in our modest garden
e³°°°: the story about the bloody violation, ended in a ruthless murder, by a killerfly on a poor innocent plant-louse on my precious left arm, summer of '03
e³°°°: floating on planet dandelion
e³°°°: lady's mantle with pearly raindrops
e³°°°: Birth of a flower
e³°°°: to draw some poppies
e³°°°: Sparrow ornithology
e³°°°: Caracal
e³°°°: Sarah + Dahlia
e³°°°: Predator
e³°°°: Wisdom to the wise - part 2
e³°°°: Scarab beetle = penseelkever
e³°°°: Pearly dewdrop roses.
e³°°°: The number of the beast
e³°°°: European stag beetle / vliegend hert / lucane cerf-volant / Hirschkäfer
e³°°°: to walk on someone's face, in order to bug the victim with annoying innocence.
e³°°°: bird watcher
e³°°°: White tiger
e³°°°: our guest
e³°°°: I'm a punk rocker yes I am
e³°°°: hidden but caught
e³°°°: Flower meet and greet
e³°°°: Vanellus vanellus
e³°°°: Read my lips : I did not have *** with that bitch
e³°°°: the romantic story of two damselflies, called Calopterix virgo or beautiful demoiselles, making love...on my knee
e³°°°: beautiful demoiselles - Calopterix virgo