a.c.thomas: summer moon
a.c.thomas: Hydrangeas
a.c.thomas: flower of life
a.c.thomas: Momentum
a.c.thomas: Olive grove, Crete
a.c.thomas: spring leaves
a.c.thomas: The Wales he knew
a.c.thomas: I couldn’t help missing you
a.c.thomas: once you were there
a.c.thomas: forest pool
a.c.thomas: surface and depth
a.c.thomas: shadows and light
a.c.thomas: nowhere and no one
a.c.thomas: a winter moon
a.c.thomas: if you had let me in
a.c.thomas: ink dark sea
a.c.thomas: in a Spanish garden
a.c.thomas: Spring blossom
a.c.thomas: magnolia breeze
a.c.thomas: magnolification
a.c.thomas: magnolia fog
a.c.thomas: magnolia storm