rossomoto: Ruina Dantesca
rossomoto: beauty and decay
rossomoto: sunset geometries
rossomoto: fighting geometries in my bathroom
rossomoto: exercise in color subtleness
rossomoto: looking down
rossomoto: where's the flux?
rossomoto: From a Man Ray's photo
rossomoto: Julia
rossomoto: Just black and white...
rossomoto: Thanks to Kï: shading exercise (please, read description)
rossomoto: quick sketch, bad anatomy and lot of fun 😁😁😁
rossomoto: I am the eye on the skylooking at youI can read your mind
rossomoto: pareidolia
rossomoto: chicada was here
rossomoto: fake early morning in my kitchen sink
rossomoto: that day in summer...
rossomoto: drama queen
rossomoto: low key
rossomoto: the beauty beyond the fence
rossomoto: colors just wanna have fun
rossomoto: life, restless and relentless
rossomoto: round red
rossomoto: untitled
rossomoto: garbage treasure
rossomoto: contrasted composition
rossomoto: untitlet
rossomoto: untitled, no matter what the writing says
rossomoto: With kind and greatly appreciated permission from the author "Sugar Mouse in the Rain" (please, see description)
rossomoto: kitchen sink black and white