Diaffi: Such wonderful things surround you.
Diaffi: Back out there.
Diaffi: Summer memories.
Diaffi: Lights will inspire you.
Diaffi: There's a silence surrounding me.
Diaffi: Forgotten place.
Diaffi: Ebbing away
Diaffi: In a different light.
Diaffi: Stay on glitter edge.
Diaffi: These quiet times, coming round here.
Diaffi: So I don't know what's real and what's not.
Diaffi: Go looking for the summer.
Diaffi: We raced to reach the sun.
Diaffi: There's a light shining through.
Diaffi: It comes and it goes.
Diaffi: I still remember the look ...
Diaffi: Morning rain clouds up my window.
Diaffi: Slowly breaking through the daylight.
Diaffi: Fade away into the blue.
Diaffi: Dreams and darkness all collide.
Diaffi: The little things you do.
Diaffi: Days passing.
Diaffi: Walking through a dream.
Diaffi: Try to get some sun.
Diaffi: Coffee @home ...
Diaffi: Caught in a moment.
Diaffi: Faded lights.
Diaffi: Held in silence day after day.
Diaffi: Can't see clearly when you're gone ...
Diaffi: When I wake up, I see...