danmiami: Falcon 9 SpaceX Launch August 7, 2018 1:18 AM
danmiami: View from the Cabin
danmiami: Reflections in New York City - Times Square.
danmiami: Titan Missile - Looking up
danmiami: Inside the B-17
danmiami: An old rusty American car abandoned outside
danmiami: Sunset in the Everglades
danmiami: Queenstown
danmiami: Patterns at the Opera House
danmiami: Bonsai Rock Lake Tahoe
danmiami: Colorful Slot Canyon
danmiami: Eiserner Steg Bridge over the River Main
danmiami: Sunset at Jack's Point
danmiami: Stirling Falls at Milford Sound
danmiami: Sydney - Looking North
danmiami: Lake Tahoe Bonsai Rock
danmiami: MBS - Horizontal
danmiami: MBS - Vertical
danmiami: NYPD - New Years Eve 2015
danmiami: New York City Police Barricade
danmiami: PGO Speedster II
danmiami: My flight to London is delayed, so I figured I would post another shot from my walk around Lake Geneva yesterday... Lots of birds close by to photograph! #travel #bird #Geneva #Switzerland
danmiami: Time to start my journey back home from #Geneva. Waiting for my #train to the airport. #travel
danmiami: View from Lake Geneva
danmiami: Geneva Sunrise
danmiami: Final Signs of Fall
danmiami: The Old City of Geneva
danmiami: Sunset Aerial in Weston, Florida showing real estate
danmiami: Burrowing Owl in Florida
danmiami: Aerial photo over agricultural land in Miami