smoothstonephotography: Youth Winner Is Female
smoothstonephotography: View From Claiborne, MD.
smoothstonephotography: Third Generation Nest
smoothstonephotography: The Thomas Clyde
smoothstonephotography: St. Michaels Park
smoothstonephotography: I Want A Kiss
smoothstonephotography: Female Rowboat Race
smoothstonephotography: Fall And Rain Coming
smoothstonephotography: Docks Of The Bay
smoothstonephotography: Contemplaiting Life
smoothstonephotography: Claiborne, MD. Marina
smoothstonephotography: Can't Follow Instructions
smoothstonephotography: Boat Parking Competition
smoothstonephotography: Austrailian Sheep Dog
smoothstonephotography: 31 People Aboard