dnskct: Phone Pay
dnskct: Stopped commute
dnskct: Hands off the Handrail
dnskct: People’s In Motion
dnskct: Multiple Exposures
dnskct: 2020 01 06 Dot dot dot crowds
dnskct: Lucia di Lammermoor Losing Her Marbles ... on Flickr
dnskct: Mug shot
dnskct: New York Botanical Garden
dnskct: Dutch Landscapes
dnskct: Inlaid Box
dnskct: Charo Scuro
dnskct: Some serious bollards
dnskct: Squash Truck
dnskct: Gelato
dnskct: Sarah Longbottom, staff accountant at a mid-town direct-mail advertising firm, caught zee’s after a long and hectic day, whilst the 4:35 train from New Canaan rushed by, carrying the Baumgartener family on their way to see Wicked for the eleventh time
dnskct: If it's so green, where are all the golf courses?
dnskct: Basket O’ Garlic
dnskct: Borough of Manhattan CC
dnskct: And don’t forget dinner
dnskct: One stop Shopping on the way home
dnskct: Why
dnskct: Stairway to the 🍎 store
dnskct: Refuge
dnskct: Bereft phones
dnskct: Have a question?
dnskct: Eclectic
dnskct: Street Orange
dnskct: Morning coffee cart
dnskct: Flower Planter