DarrenH07: Fishermen Return Home
DarrenH07: Alone at Sunset - Whitby
DarrenH07: Whitby Abbey
DarrenH07: Trawler catching the sunset - Whitby
DarrenH07: Bamburgh Lighthouse and Stag
DarrenH07: St Cuthbert's Chapel, Inner Farne, Farne Islands, Northumberland, England
DarrenH07: Lindesfarfne Castle
DarrenH07: Bamburgh Castle - Sunrise
DarrenH07: The Farne Islands from Bamburgh at sunrise.
DarrenH07: Morning at Dunstanbugh Castle
DarrenH07: Dunstanburgh Castle
DarrenH07: Dunstanburgh Castle at Sunrise
DarrenH07: The Ionia, River Torridge, Bideford, Devon, England.
DarrenH07: Daybreak at the Colliery
DarrenH07: Paddle Boarding Home
DarrenH07: Whitby - end of the day
DarrenH07: Sunset Return in Whitby
DarrenH07: This is my leaf.
DarrenH07: Summer Dip
DarrenH07: BBMF Dakota C-47, Pleasley Pit
DarrenH07: Swollen-Thighed Beetle watching a Small Copper Butterfly
DarrenH07: Summer Grass
DarrenH07: Sunset Farm
DarrenH07: Whitby Harbour
DarrenH07: Sutton Scarsdale, Derbyshire
DarrenH07: Misty February Day in Derbyshire
DarrenH07: Pleasley Pit in the snow.
DarrenH07: Hardwick Hall, Autumn Sunset.
DarrenH07: Autumnal Bench, Hardwick Hall
DarrenH07: Mining Bee, Nottinghamshire, UK