crowt59: Me taking a photo
crowt59: Photo Bro Kyle Logsdon
crowt59: Kyle Logsdon setting up a shot
crowt59: Old Dude
crowt59: Old Dude and Young Dude
crowt59: Kyle Logsdon
crowt59: Me at night at the Baby Doe's ruins
crowt59: Kyle Logsdon - Fall 1991
crowt59: Photog Pal Paul
crowt59: Me at Work
crowt59: Photog Bro Randy
crowt59: Photog Scott Dorn
crowt59: One of my sweet sisters
crowt59: Me and my custom made chair and stool
crowt59: Me, a little angel
crowt59: Papa and Granny
crowt59: Dad's 1957 2 door Post Belair and Dad
crowt59: ScottD
crowt59: ScottD
crowt59: Brother Kyle Logsdon
crowt59: Me at Deep Ellum
crowt59: Me at Lakewood Library Art Show
crowt59: Kyle Logsdon and his weapon. One shot, one kill.
crowt59: Kyle Logsdon getting his Shoot on
crowt59: Looks risky in there.
crowt59: Me and my reflection
crowt59: Reflection of me
crowt59: Old Coot says "Tickets, please"
crowt59: Teacher looking over my shoulder.
crowt59: Yes I'm left handed