clickclique: Church in the woods
clickclique: Photo bombed at the falls
clickclique: Coming soon to an Apple tree near you
clickclique: Hummm! Which one will I take
clickclique: A Dandylion globe
clickclique: Fish made with plants and waterfall
clickclique: Need a hand?
clickclique: Hummm...No ballgame today I guess
clickclique: A great view?
clickclique: Church on the hill
clickclique: Colourful Boardwalk
clickclique: Lichen art
clickclique: Church on the Village Hill
clickclique: Just a bit of snow
clickclique: Natural entry decorations
clickclique: Sharing Space
clickclique: Winter Wonderland
clickclique: Meeting a friend
clickclique: On the hiking trail to the bridge
clickclique: Driving the less travelled road
clickclique: Wall of colour
clickclique: Looking down the river
clickclique: Surrounded by Fall's beauty
clickclique: Contrast in the Fall
clickclique: Jack Frost's artwork
clickclique: Glorious Fall reflections
clickclique: Fabulous Fall
clickclique: Leaves lined walkway
clickclique: Balancing Rocks
clickclique: Stairway to Fall