patricio villarroel bórquez: quelque part 532
The End of Time: Hyperbolic Metal Foils 4
Anita Sagastegui: Liquid Light Painting
patricio villarroel bórquez: life scene 3343
mpyjydpq63: Variation3 on RED YELLOW GREEN
patricio villarroel bórquez: abstraction #3961
CatnessGrace: Segments of Superabundance
andrzejslupsk: woman AR
margharrison1: Hosta Close-4770
Fay2603: Happy Birthday, dear Juergen!
Dimitil: Ιερός Ναός Ταξιαρχών στο Γαναδιό Holy Temple of the Brigadiers (Archangels) at Ganadio panorama
Dimitil: Ι.ΝΚοιμήσεως της Θεοτόκου Βατούσα Λέσβου H.C.Virgin Mary of Vatoussa, Lesvos panoarama
Guillaume Lefebvre: Once upon a time...there was the sea 🌊
rrlammas: Intrusion.
1crzqbn: keep hope alive
john tovey: wet tit
john tovey: swans head
Nansjc: Winter-green
Nansjc: Purple Wildflower
Supremecourtjester: Dragonfly from behind
Supremecourtjester: Monarch of Flowers He Surveys
Kennebunker: Water Garden
radphobia: Geometric Art Copyright © 2000-2020 Ex-Voto Ltd. [creative thinking] All Rights Reserved.
franzisko hauser: hidden place
franzisko hauser: little friend in the green :-)