@cinepaint: camp sunset
@cinepaint: grainy days
@cinepaint: Boundary Waters Canoe Area, grainy expired film
@cinepaint: utility pole, calm day
@cinepaint: tangled reach
@cinepaint: the last snow pile
@cinepaint: stairs by a void
@cinepaint: violet
@cinepaint: no bicycles, like a sculpture
@cinepaint: bench waiting, evening
@cinepaint: New Zealand, a beach view
@cinepaint: stones, roots
@cinepaint: ice forms, on a hike
@cinepaint: river view, night
@cinepaint: figures in a clearing
@cinepaint: train tracks in Saint Paul
@cinepaint: texture, passage
@cinepaint: gnarled branches, river shore
@cinepaint: branches, painted bricks
@cinepaint: into the sparkling waters
@cinepaint: sitting alone
@cinepaint: lush red and green just after a rain
@cinepaint: a look over
@cinepaint: graffiti spot along the river
@cinepaint: lonely tree
@cinepaint: along a fence
@cinepaint: strange nights
@cinepaint: river pollution
@cinepaint: tracks above