ciderfrenzy: The winter Sun,Bristol,UK
ciderfrenzy: P1050119_1600 x 1199
ciderfrenzy: Arnos Vale,Bristol,UK. Seed head and Ivy.
ciderfrenzy: Arnos Vale,Bristol,UK. Rear of the Vale, the retaining wall.
ciderfrenzy: Arnos Vale,Bristol,UK. A common bramble patch that is full of autumn colours.
ciderfrenzy: Arnos Vale,Bristol,UK. Last season's twisting bindweed creeper around a sapling.
ciderfrenzy: Arnos Vale,Bristol,UK. Looking from the bottom of the Vale looking towards the top end.What caught my attention was how the Holly leaf edges were all lit up by the sunlight.
ciderfrenzy: Arnos Vale,Bristol,UK. A fragment of autumnal leaf caught in the bare thorns of a Dog Rose.
ciderfrenzy: Arnos Vale,Bristol,UK. A few of the last autumn berries.
ciderfrenzy: P1050014. Ashton Avenue Bridge,Bristol,UK
ciderfrenzy: The bridge over the towpath, St Phillips,Bristol,UK.
ciderfrenzy: Sculture at Arnos Vale,Bristol,UK
ciderfrenzy: Dappled sunlight on the branches. An autumn sunray reflecting off the leaves at Arnos Vale,Bristol,UK
ciderfrenzy: At Sparke Evans Park,Bristol,UK.
ciderfrenzy: Arnos Vale cemetery,Bristol,UK
ciderfrenzy: Arnos Vale cemetery,Bristol,UK
ciderfrenzy: Beachwalk and seaviews from Denmark Place,Hastings,UK
ciderfrenzy: The shingle bank sea view from Denmark Place,Hastings,UK
ciderfrenzy: Two friends take the weight off their feet, Denmark Place,Hastings,UK
ciderfrenzy: Lifeguard station,near Denmark Place,Hastings,UK
ciderfrenzy: The Landing, beach sculpture,Hastings,UK
ciderfrenzy: Hastings Miniature Railway ticket office.
ciderfrenzy: End of the summer,Rock A Nore,Hastings,UK
ciderfrenzy: From behind the Gorse,cliff footpath,East Hill,Hastings,UK
ciderfrenzy: From behind the wild grass,on the East Hill looking towards Ecclesbourne Glen,Hastings,UK
ciderfrenzy: Prince Street,Bristol,UK
ciderfrenzy: A Bristol scene changed. I just kept zooming in, messing about then decided to add a border.
ciderfrenzy: This weather is for ducks, but not for using this bicycle. From a wet Bristol,UK. This can also been viewed in my Instagram feed at
ciderfrenzy: Ashton Court Estate,Bristol,UK
ciderfrenzy: Ashton Court Estate,Bristol,UK