ciderfrenzy: The Tulip Tree at Victoria Park,Bath,UK
ciderfrenzy: Reflections at Victoria Park, Bath,UK
ciderfrenzy: Bristol's skyline as seen from the Ashton Court Estate.
ciderfrenzy: Some of the late summer sun at Ashton Court,Bristol.
ciderfrenzy: At the edge of the brush by a big old oak, Ashton Court,Bristol
ciderfrenzy: Towards Bristol from Ashton Court
ciderfrenzy: Beauty by the compost bin. Another one of my having a slow beer after work images. In this case the early evening dappled sunlight illuminating the petals as the sun was beginning to set.
ciderfrenzy: This is what I saw in the garden while having a slow beer at the end of the working week. This image appears on my Instagram feed as a square cropped image so it loses a little of its impact.So I've posted it here so people can view on a larger screen
ciderfrenzy: One of many pollinators at Ashton Court,Bristol,UK. This image also appears as a cropped photograph on my Instagram feed.
ciderfrenzy: The lower fields at Ashton Court estate,Bristol,UK
ciderfrenzy: Ashton Court estate,Bristol,UK
ciderfrenzy: Grasses,Ashton Court estate,Bristol,UK.
ciderfrenzy: Looking through the long grass, bottom field,Ashton Court estate,Bristol,UK.
ciderfrenzy: IMG_63441600 x 1200
ciderfrenzy: IMG_63321600 x 1200
ciderfrenzy: In the garden.
ciderfrenzy: Just sitting in the garden looking at the Blues, Pinks and Greens.
ciderfrenzy: One Backlit Geranium.
ciderfrenzy: In among the buttercups and cow parsley. This is a view from the bottom field on the Ashton Court Estate,Bristol,UK.
ciderfrenzy: St Mary Redcliff Church Spire from Victoria Park,Bristol,UK.
ciderfrenzy: Late spring in Victoria Park,Bristol,UK
ciderfrenzy: Cabot Tower,Bristol,UK
ciderfrenzy: Victoria Park,Bath,UK. Pre coronavirus lockdown Daffodills.
ciderfrenzy: Victoria Park in the city of Bath,UK. Life before the coronavirus lockdown
ciderfrenzy: Royal Crescent in the city of Bath just before the UK Coronavirus lockdown
ciderfrenzy: Artwork, Leonard Lane,Bristol,UK. This was spotted when I was out walking in 2016. I've only just found the image in my collection. Feel free to enjoy in 2020 everyone!
ciderfrenzy: I Love My Friends.Writing on the wall,Leonard Lane,central Bristol,UK
ciderfrenzy: A dogwalker spotted in Leonard Lane,central Bristol a couple of years ago..
ciderfrenzy: Bristol Harbourside,UK. There are many ways to view Briostol's Harbourside area, so I thought why not see how this works out. Put the camera down, aim, point,shoot.And here we are with the result.
ciderfrenzy: Table Tennis view,Bristol,UK