CarusoPhoto: Stump and Needles
CarusoPhoto: Apples
CarusoPhoto: Three Goats
CarusoPhoto: Pine Cones
CarusoPhoto: Tree & Ivy
CarusoPhoto: Morning
CarusoPhoto: Requisite Mirror Shot
CarusoPhoto: Chef’s Lettuce
CarusoPhoto: Lounging
CarusoPhoto: Barbershop at Night
CarusoPhoto: Red Door
CarusoPhoto: The Tinker’s Truck
CarusoPhoto: Rolling Gnocchi.
CarusoPhoto: Headphones.
CarusoPhoto: Teapot Phalanx
CarusoPhoto: Mushroom
CarusoPhoto: Damen, 9:26
CarusoPhoto: The Paint Can Lid Played Eminence Grise in the Power Struggle Between the Hose and the Fence.
CarusoPhoto: In Between.
CarusoPhoto: Railing.
CarusoPhoto: When the Dumpster Becomes Trash.
CarusoPhoto: Blue Tartan Boots.
CarusoPhoto: Fondue Fuel
CarusoPhoto: Trailer at Night
CarusoPhoto: Christmas Step.