CallieAndToby: Jacksonville (Riverside), FL. St. John's River.
CallieAndToby: Long exposure - My Christmas Tree.
CallieAndToby: Antique shop w/ digital filter.
CallieAndToby: Winter.
CallieAndToby: Garden Gate at Cummer Museum of Arts and Garden.
CallieAndToby: Sleeping with favorite plush toy.
CallieAndToby: Grandpa and Jake. Shirt to match!
CallieAndToby: Me, grandpa, and brother.
CallieAndToby: Bokeh surrounding butterfly.
CallieAndToby: Reflected Christmas Ornament - white and blue.
CallieAndToby: Sunrise and moss in trees.
CallieAndToby: Garden fish and a lizard.
CallieAndToby: Sea oat sunset and golden bokeh.
CallieAndToby: Red berries in the forest. Macro.
CallieAndToby: Gulf Fritillary on lantana. Macro.
CallieAndToby: His favorite toy.
CallieAndToby: Changing leaves / weeds.
CallieAndToby: Berries in the woods.
CallieAndToby: Pipes minimal sea foam green.
CallieAndToby: Tiny gnat on bush daisy. Macro.
CallieAndToby: Purple.
CallieAndToby: Pandemic Abstract. USA,2020.
CallieAndToby: Walk in the woods - pine cones and straw.
CallieAndToby: Iridescent car oil.
CallieAndToby: The gem reflected green.
CallieAndToby: Fallen tree displayed by mysterious light.
CallieAndToby: Potted plants on stairs.
CallieAndToby: Artisans/artists in the Gardens!
CallieAndToby: The beautiful name "Ava".