CallieAndToby: Bee on Beautiful flowers.
CallieAndToby: Johnnyswim right in front of me!
CallieAndToby: Bumblebee in Pink Azalea - macro.
CallieAndToby: Beutiful pink azaleas.
CallieAndToby: Bee on white flowers, b&w.
CallieAndToby: Bumble Bee macro on pink Azalea.
CallieAndToby: Interesting bug on azalea.
CallieAndToby: Unity in Tallahassee.
CallieAndToby: Beautiful Gaines Street Mural.
CallieAndToby: Small pink azaleas with magical bokeh.
CallieAndToby: Very tiny bug on pink oxalis.
CallieAndToby: Happy Valentine's Day!
CallieAndToby: Planting pots of all colors.
CallieAndToby: Beautiful stream - Florida.
CallieAndToby: GARDEN and shadow.
CallieAndToby: For You!! Happy Valentine's Day.
CallieAndToby: Pink flowers and bokeh.
CallieAndToby: Re-edted - Ladybug, larvae, eggs.
CallieAndToby: Cat in Espositos.
CallieAndToby: Red Chevy.
CallieAndToby: Blue Pallet.
CallieAndToby: Love Quarter Moon.
CallieAndToby: Painting of Egret.
CallieAndToby: Tiny tiny yellow weed/wildflower.
CallieAndToby: Showing off my gloves.
CallieAndToby: Water hoses make for a nice abstract.
CallieAndToby: Blue minimalist scene.
CallieAndToby: Hospital bear.