CallieAndToby: Red salvia (macro).
CallieAndToby: Coneflower macro.
CallieAndToby: Lizard, on garden flag.
CallieAndToby: Water droplet rainbow.
CallieAndToby: Turquoise and rust.
CallieAndToby: Colorful stools.
CallieAndToby: Shuckers.
CallieAndToby: Monarch on milkweed.
CallieAndToby: Sun through oak tree branches.
CallieAndToby: Snail crawling on leaf.
CallieAndToby: Snail on branch.
CallieAndToby: Red spotted purple butterfly.
CallieAndToby: Butterfly in the garden II.
CallieAndToby: Snail on Spiderwort wildflower.
CallieAndToby: Butterfly in the garden.
CallieAndToby: Crazy cat gallery entrance.
CallieAndToby: Doors, windows, pink and mint.
CallieAndToby: Turquoise explosion!
CallieAndToby: My ladybug boots.
CallieAndToby: Monarch on dead flower.
CallieAndToby: Zebra long wing on yellow flower.
CallieAndToby: Monarch on yellow flowers.
CallieAndToby: Gulf Fritillary.
CallieAndToby: Monarch (raw image).
CallieAndToby: Monarch.
CallieAndToby: Zebra long wing.
CallieAndToby: Tiny mushroom with water droplets.
CallieAndToby: The Zen Den.
CallieAndToby: Butterfly on purple flowers.
CallieAndToby: Crepe myrtle bokeh.