bsloan: Overhanging the River Teith
bsloan: In full arrogant mode
bsloan: Don't take that aggressive stance with me
bsloan: Cygnet, River Teith
bsloan: Looking for food
bsloan: Mothers and babies
bsloan: Swallow fledgling
bsloan: Getting fed
bsloan: Small Tortoiseshell
bsloan: Bee taking off
bsloan: A bit close
bsloan: Roe Buck
bsloan: Our local osprey
bsloan: Osprey in the clouds
bsloan: Crow
bsloan: Conifers, QE Forest, Aberfoyle
bsloan: Tree stump, Aberfoyle
bsloan: Not even a glance
bsloan: Rain's coming
bsloan: Incomimg goldfinch
bsloan: The nestbuilder
bsloan: The lookout
bsloan: Robin with caterpillar
bsloan: Robin on electric fence
bsloan: Goldfinch
bsloan: Goldfinch with sheepswool
bsloan: Goldfinch in tree
bsloan: Crop is starting
bsloan: Peek from the House Martin nest
bsloan: Not the safest place to roost during thunderstorm