bsloan: Dipper, Auchentroig Burn
bsloan: Pheasant at dawn
bsloan: The waterworks
bsloan: Windswept Robin
bsloan: Rhododendrons
bsloan: Bollards
bsloan: Woof
bsloan: The moon tonight
bsloan: Otter in the burn
bsloan: Pied Wagtail in the field
bsloan: Otter's back
bsloan: Otter tracking dog
bsloan: Caught
bsloan: Snowdrops
bsloan: Shitty Day
bsloan: Pheasant perch
bsloan: Landing space ahead
bsloan: Otter Cam back after spate
bsloan: Snowdrops on the riverbank
bsloan: Heavily cropped dipper
bsloan: Finishing his lunch
bsloan: Lovely back rub
bsloan: Keeping an eye on something
bsloan: I'll ambush him from here
bsloan: Nuts
bsloan: Hiding from the loose dog
bsloan: Hello
bsloan: Hanging on
bsloan: Trying to keep a low profile
bsloan: The itch