bsloan: Next generation
bsloan: Friends today.
bsloan: Full Moon
bsloan: Sunrise over Garchell Wood
bsloan: The Oak
bsloan: Winter light and mist
bsloan: Rising above it
bsloan: QE Forest, Loch Lomond and Trossaschs National Park
bsloan: Moon behind the trees
bsloan: This morning
bsloan: Dottie
bsloan: What's this twig doing here
bsloan: Tufty
bsloan: Winter tufts a plenty
bsloan: Peek
bsloan: Red Squirrel on branch
bsloan: Strange eating position
bsloan: The lookout
bsloan: Highlights in his ears
bsloan: On his way down
bsloan: Nuthatch
bsloan: Missed
bsloan: Hoovering up the bird seed
bsloan: He's round the back ,I think
bsloan: He'll not see me behind this fern
bsloan: Favourite Log
bsloan: Foooooodddd
bsloan: Alert
bsloan: A lighter coloured Red Squirrel
bsloan: Plenty Red Squirrels about