Bruce@KateCod: St. Mary Falls Light Paint
Bruce@KateCod: Many Glaciers River 2
Bruce@KateCod: Snake River Sunset
Bruce@KateCod: Teton Barn Sunset
Bruce@KateCod: Sedona Red Rocks-2
Bruce@KateCod: Bordeau Opera House_-2
Bruce@KateCod: Lighting the Way B-W Sail
Bruce@KateCod: Antelope Canyon B-W
Bruce@KateCod: Tuscan Tree Perspective-3
Bruce@KateCod: Glacier Bay. Alaska-Marine layer sunset
Bruce@KateCod: Niagara Falls “Maid of the Mist”
Bruce@KateCod: Desert Sunshine
Bruce@KateCod: Beauty is a relative term
Bruce@KateCod: Early morning light at Monument Valley
Bruce@KateCod: Harbingers of spring
Bruce@KateCod: Boat Meadow Sunset
Bruce@KateCod: Nauset Nite Lights w-Milky Way
Bruce@KateCod: Flights of Famcy
Bruce@KateCod: Race Point Night Lights
Bruce@KateCod: Autumn Barn, Teton NP
Bruce@KateCod: Flower Framed Finch
Bruce@KateCod: The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao Spain on a cloudy Autumn day.
Bruce@KateCod: Race Point Light
Bruce@KateCod: Highland Lighthouse Night Lights
Bruce@KateCod: Highland Nightlights
Bruce@KateCod: A Starry Starry Lighthouse Night
Bruce@KateCod: Double Sunset Reflection
Bruce@KateCod: GlacierNP LongExposure StMaryFalls
Bruce@KateCod: Sunrise reflections on St. Mary Lake, Glacier NP
Bruce@KateCod: Long Exposure in Glacier National Park under the moonlit sky