kmac1960: Redhead Duck
kmac1960: Lesser Scaup Duck
kmac1960: Pied Billed Grebe Duck
kmac1960: Autumn Flare
kmac1960: Autumn Explosion
kmac1960: Fall Reflections
kmac1960: Vibrant
kmac1960: Dreamy Tree
kmac1960: Tripping
kmac1960: Finding Ones Self
kmac1960: All to them selves
kmac1960: Mr. Majestic
kmac1960: The Great Bald Eagle
kmac1960: Father and son
kmac1960: Goodmorning
kmac1960: Baby Boo
kmac1960: Mystical Creek
kmac1960: Mystical Drive
kmac1960: Mystical Morning
kmac1960: Helianthus x laetiflorus Sunflower.
kmac1960: Widow Skimmer.
kmac1960: Yellow Jacket!
kmac1960: Stripped down Camaro SS
kmac1960: "68" Camaro Road Racer
kmac1960: "68" Camaro road racer
kmac1960: An evening with a Chevelle
kmac1960: 55 Chevy Bel-Air Blower. Edited in Photoshop.
kmac1960: 69 Camaro SS
kmac1960: "55" Chevy Bel-Air
kmac1960: 55 Gasser