BrianDavidDowns: "we have no true pleasure except in expending uselessly, as if a wound opens in us"
BrianDavidDowns: "I love the living you, I love everything that you do, you flatter everything that's is hot and cold is cold, I love you"/"crooked is the path of eternity"
BrianDavidDowns: "some are born to lose, some are born to lie, some feel the wrath when her heart grows cold, move with love, for love is the fascist brothel"
BrianDavidDowns: "with eyes so dilated, I became your pupil, she taught me everything about a poison apple"/"it is power itself that has to be abolished, and not just the refusal to be dominated, which is the essence of all traditional struggles"
BrianDavidDowns: "Terror and atrocious suffering turn the mouth into the organ of rending screams. On this subject it is easy to observe that the overwhelmed individual throws back its head while frenetically stretching his neck in such a way that the mouth becomes, as mu
BrianDavidDowns: "time is suicidal jealousy of god, to which being--even the highest--must fall victim. It is thus the ultimate ocean of immanence, from which nothing can seperates itself, and in which everything loses itself irremediably. The black mass of jealous rage w
BrianDavidDowns: "theoretical violence is the only resource left, and even that falls short"/ "on this plane you are impossible, and because it has no end you will find--will have ultimately always found--that you cannot be, except as figment of terminal passage, an illus
BrianDavidDowns: " no one has spoken the truth in decades(introspection for all your daddy issues in voting)"
BrianDavidDowns: "being is given to us in an intolerable surpassing of being, no less intolerable than death. And because, in death, this is withdrawn from us at the same time it is given, we must search for it in the feeling of death, in those intolerable moments where i
BrianDavidDowns: "maybe it is that we brought out the worst in him. For who could doubt god's fear in us. Was he not omniscient? Did he not always see the rusty dagger in our hands? (The corporealization of his hatred for himself) What tatters of self-love remained to him
BrianDavidDowns: Save the fucking children
BrianDavidDowns: Warhol Hasselhoff original sin
BrianDavidDowns: "The sickness of being vomits out a black sun of spittle"
BrianDavidDowns: Scale portrait w paintings
BrianDavidDowns: "... the work of grief is not only about mourning the lost object, it is also the struggling against the object's implacable refusal to let go"/ "young patriot lovers"
BrianDavidDowns: Waiting Room
BrianDavidDowns: Gasoline Kerosene
BrianDavidDowns: Gasoline Kerosene
BrianDavidDowns: Gasoline Kerosene
BrianDavidDowns: Morning Star
BrianDavidDowns: DOS Genghis Khan corrupt card
BrianDavidDowns: describe the sky to me
BrianDavidDowns: Describe the sky to Me
BrianDavidDowns: " we really have more substance than the ghosts we endlessly applaud? The past cannot be forgotten, the present can't be remembered" ,
BrianDavidDowns: "once the body is recognizable as the substrate -precondition of experience, then one is immediately
BrianDavidDowns: scale portrait w paintings
BrianDavidDowns: Private Dancer
BrianDavidDowns: "Le Dejeuner sur l'herbe"
BrianDavidDowns: Kingdom of Heaven