bobarcpics: Block and Stack
bobarcpics: Wave on wave
bobarcpics: Craigs Hotel
bobarcpics: Spring
bobarcpics: Spring too
bobarcpics: The Lion Stands Guard
bobarcpics: the Begonia House
bobarcpics: Tall Patterns
bobarcpics: Stormy City
bobarcpics: The end of Winter
bobarcpics: Tin Pot Corner
bobarcpics: Tramway Hotel street view
bobarcpics: The Tramway Hotel
bobarcpics: floating
bobarcpics: come inside
bobarcpics: pathway to a swirly sky
bobarcpics: stick buildings
bobarcpics: The play of winter light
bobarcpics: sky arches
bobarcpics: Just browsing
bobarcpics: Bodega
bobarcpics: The Rounded Economy
bobarcpics: Famous Corner
bobarcpics: Through the Corner
bobarcpics: Laneway grit
bobarcpics: Winter Bar
bobarcpics: Thursday Reuben
bobarcpics: Waking Up Spring St
bobarcpics: Treasury Place
bobarcpics: City Sliver 2