billjackson.images: Praying for lunch.
billjackson.images: Licking his wounds after his lunch got away from him.
billjackson.images: The Worker.
billjackson.images: Staring Contest
billjackson.images: Peek-a-boo
billjackson.images: Waterlilly and friend.
billjackson.images: Waterlily and Dragonfly.
billjackson.images: Waterlily family.
billjackson.images: A Couple Coneflowers and the bee.
billjackson.images: Another Waterlily
billjackson.images: King of the Hill.
billjackson.images: Landing Pad.
billjackson.images: Tightrope Walker.
billjackson.images: Circus Soleil
billjackson.images: Always Busy...
billjackson.images: Orb Weaver Spider, Zipping It Up
billjackson.images: For the arachnid Lovers...
billjackson.images: Unsuspecting Bee.
billjackson.images: Patiently Waiting.
billjackson.images: Taking a peek over the top.