Marche Funèbre (Chopin) Les mémoires (Mihai Edrisch) You, Me, And The Violence Fading Light and Broken Windows (Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles) A Last Dance For The Things We Love (The Eye Of Time) Grim Hearth Black Rose (Converge) Derrière l'écran (Ez3kiel) Fragment 2 (Library Tapes) All the People You'll Never Know (Circadian Eyes) Autumn Waltz (Anoice) Sunday Morning (The Velvet Underground) Symphony 1 (Emily Wells) Elodie (Oskar Schuster) On Nature Of Daylight The Swimmer (Max Richter) La Dernière Porte (MILANKU) The End Of Something (Anoice) Déclin (Hors Sujet) Hilli (amiina) Invitation To The Voyage (Julia Kent) Pacific Light (Metavari) A Waltz For Berenice (Because of Ghosts) S.T.A.Y (Hans Zimmer) Remurdered (Mogwai) Death In Rebirth (Mono) The Birth And Death Of The Day (Explosions In The Sky) The Technicolor Sleep (The American Dollar) Another Day (The Album Leaf)