ABWphoto!: Monarch butterfly on a milkweed plant
ABWphoto!: body builder posing outdoors
ABWphoto!: body builder portrait
ABWphoto!: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
ABWphoto!: Casual portrait of an 87 year old woman
ABWphoto!: spice bush Swallowtail
ABWphoto!: Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
ABWphoto!: body builder
ABWphoto!: Bumblebee and butterfly on wildflower
ABWphoto!: butterfly on wildflower
ABWphoto!: Jack-in-the-pulpit
ABWphoto!: bumblebee pollinating a wildflower
ABWphoto!: Elderly Estonian woman
ABWphoto!: Ballerina in red
ABWphoto!: Portrait of an Estonian girl
ABWphoto!: Portrait of an Estonian girl
ABWphoto!: young boy riding a wooden bike
ABWphoto!: young Estonian girl
ABWphoto!: young boy in cowboy attire
ABWphoto!: Young Estonian girl
ABWphoto!: the historic section of Tallinn
ABWphoto!: Tallinn, Estonia
ABWphoto!: wildlife photographer
ABWphoto!: Early morning hike in the Shenandoah National Park
ABWphoto!: early morning hike
ABWphoto!: Trillium
ABWphoto!: Trillim
ABWphoto!: Wildflowers in bloom
ABWphoto!: female body builder
ABWphoto!: body builder and fitness model