bd168: Yield the way, human, or suffer the consequences
bd168: Odd Couple
bd168: Dragonfly in setting sun
bd168: Hmm, tasty morcels
bd168: Grass hopper in hand is worth two in grass
bd168: Yellow daylily in setting sun
bd168: Black Eyed Susans
bd168: August blooms starting
bd168: A different way of looking at things
bd168: 🎶 Light as thistledown 🎶
bd168: Clover looper (Caenurgina crassiuscula) - (in Explore! August 1, 2020)
bd168: 🎶 Light as thistledown 🎶
bd168: Look ma, no wings ! ... or how to miss a shot by using the wrong settings
bd168: Caught in the web
bd168: I hate paparazzi !
bd168: Hmm ... wonder if 2020 is a good year?
bd168: Aaah my favorite table has been set
bd168: Icelandic sea snail kindergarten
bd168: Waiting for a table at Thistle's
bd168: New smoke tree (cotinus) growth in late afternoon sun
bd168: Gone to seed
bd168: "White on Black" black and white
bd168: Beetle on thistle
bd168: Solanum dulcamara taking over a cedar bush
bd168: Candied
bd168: Timid Susan
bd168: Cumulus
bd168: Could not resist Susan's black eye - not a macro
bd168: Common aerial yellowjacket (Dolichovespula arenaria) on daylily - not a macro
bd168: Splendid Trumpet Creeper (Campsis radicans) blooms in the neighbourhood