Bastiank80: Double Fall
Bastiank80: The High Sierra
Bastiank80: Am Steinbruch-See
Bastiank80: Simple Life
Bastiank80: Dreibrüdersee
Bastiank80: Gornergrat View
Bastiank80: Tree, Bench, Cross
Bastiank80: When The Snow Melts
Bastiank80: Smokey Silhouettes
Bastiank80: Purple Woods
Bastiank80: Mountain Village
Bastiank80: Chapel In Gletsch
Bastiank80: Forest Bridge
Bastiank80: Sunny Creek
Bastiank80: A Wooden Home
Bastiank80: Wood View
Bastiank80: Gentle Waves
Bastiank80: Green Is My Home
Bastiank80: It Took Me To The River
Bastiank80: Railroad Man
Bastiank80: Double View, Double Amaze
Bastiank80: Cascades Of Snow
Bastiank80: Hotel Belvedere
Bastiank80: There Is A Slow Awekening
Bastiank80: Always Stay On The Tracks
Bastiank80: Poetic Moments
Bastiank80: Entrance To Another Universe
Bastiank80: Magical Moments
Bastiank80: It was just a good evening o Dreisessel. I hope that @kneebee had the some thoughts when we walked up there in the winter this year.
Bastiank80: Ein rostiger Streckenabschnitt