Gaston Batistini: Fireworks from the new year, Atomium, Brussels, Belgium
Yannick Lefevre: Sunset on Cap Dramont & Ile d'Or ( France / Cote d'azur )
pimontes: Vestido de novia
Yannick Lefevre: Sunset sur Le Dramont et l'Ile d'Or ( France / Côte d'azur )
Don Pedro de Carrion de los Condes !: Spaghetti, peper,boter en pecorino
James Neeley: Time Again
{jessica drossin}: No Blindfold
Samantha Nicol Art Photography: If You Are Not Doing What You Love You Are Wasting Your Time.
de_frakke: Cap Gris-Nez - Côte d'Opale
Ale*66*: Lago di Braies
pimontes: London
Helgi G Sigurdsson: hgs_n8_080836
Helgi G Sigurdsson: hgs_n8_080874 Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandie
de_frakke: Nash Point - Vale of Glamorgan - Wales
Yannick Lefevre: Dark Side ... Le Dramont ( Var / France )
Helgi G Sigurdsson: hgs_n7_053711 H
Helgi G Sigurdsson: hgs_n8_045576
Anne Strickland: Along the Tellico River, Cherokee National Forest, Tennessee
coach48: Quarto( Genova ) Panthéon, Paris
Don Pedro de Carrion de los Condes !: stamppot-zuurkool-met-zuurkoolspek-en-worst