the-photon-trap: this isn't it 25/365
the-photon-trap: oz day specials 26/365
the-photon-trap: life on paint 27/365
the-photon-trap: corrugated swing 29/365
the-photon-trap: fish and chips
the-photon-trap: 12 days
the-photon-trap: regatta river 39/365
the-photon-trap: the sharp sky 40/365
the-photon-trap: why did the duck.. 41/365
the-photon-trap: looking down
the-photon-trap: he's behind you!
the-photon-trap: steamship bones 42/365
the-photon-trap: curalo downstream 43/365
the-photon-trap: kayak caught 46/365
the-photon-trap: extending into the day 50/365
the-photon-trap: warm heart, cold hands 54/365
the-photon-trap: the novelists barque 60/365
the-photon-trap: moon river 61/365
the-photon-trap: into the morning 64/365
the-photon-trap: gothic domain 65/365
the-photon-trap: what's the story.. 68/365
the-photon-trap: drill ship dawn 69/365
the-photon-trap: the dark boat 70/365
the-photon-trap: sunrise on the mountain 71/365
the-photon-trap: cornelian boat sheds 72/365
the-photon-trap: red cord 79/365
the-photon-trap: the dawn rower 88/365
the-photon-trap: bridges of light 89/365
the-photon-trap: it's calm now 119/365
the-photon-trap: between