the-photon-trap: emu eye
the-photon-trap: large and low
the-photon-trap: epic battle 12/365
the-photon-trap: a trio of bankers 16/365
the-photon-trap: down there
the-photon-trap: fish and chips
the-photon-trap: bridge cruising 34/365
the-photon-trap: why did the duck.. 41/365
the-photon-trap: left behind 49/365
the-photon-trap: dreaming of wings 57/365
the-photon-trap: epic battle II 63/365
the-photon-trap: four frames of fishing 77/365
the-photon-trap: ripple
the-photon-trap: and away 97/365
the-photon-trap: hang time
the-photon-trap: the white river 203/365
the-photon-trap: light flight 246/365
the-photon-trap: patrol
the-photon-trap: disturbance 267/365
the-photon-trap: watcher in the rain 285/365
the-photon-trap: glide path
the-photon-trap: wingtip
the-photon-trap: owl vision
the-photon-trap: not sleeping
the-photon-trap: flying wide