auntsmack4u: angry sea
auntsmack4u: an institution
auntsmack4u: definitly made for walking
auntsmack4u: nothing beats live music
auntsmack4u: whiskey, pucketts, bokeh
auntsmack4u: The Opry!
auntsmack4u: Im a little bit rock-n-roll
auntsmack4u: Legends
auntsmack4u: serious business on the Plaza
auntsmack4u: walking along the Plaza
auntsmack4u: Plaza Blanca
auntsmack4u: so many differing landscapes
auntsmack4u: where do you look first?
auntsmack4u: you never know what you will find on The Low Road
auntsmack4u: walking through the slot canyon
auntsmack4u: b/w version:
auntsmack4u: through the Valley
auntsmack4u: in awe and breathing every ounce of it in
auntsmack4u: "Control yourself, take what you need from it"
auntsmack4u: mexican hat milky way
auntsmack4u: wide open spaces of the SW
auntsmack4u: take time to take it all in
auntsmack4u: walking amongst the trees
auntsmack4u: angel peak, nm
auntsmack4u: another adventure awaits
auntsmack4u: Shiprock
auntsmack4u: i can see for miles, and miles, and miles....
auntsmack4u: entering the valley
auntsmack4u: more mittens
auntsmack4u: the colors were smiling