ashwaters77: Yosemite Valley
ashwaters77: A Scene from Amish County
ashwaters77: Bass Harbor Lighthouse
ashwaters77: Sleepy Hollow Farm
ashwaters77: Countryside
ashwaters77: My Fave Barn
ashwaters77: A Dramatic Scene
ashwaters77: Marine Piles
ashwaters77: Winding Road
ashwaters77: Oxbow Bend
ashwaters77: Oxbow Bend Reflections
ashwaters77: Snake River Outlook
ashwaters77: Snake RIver Outlook
ashwaters77: Tornado Touchdown
ashwaters77: Jackson Lodge, Grand Tetons
ashwaters77: Moulton Barn
ashwaters77: Iconic Moulton Barn
ashwaters77: Winding Road at Grand Teton
ashwaters77: Bird in Flight
ashwaters77: Valley and Clouds
ashwaters77: Light and Shade
ashwaters77: A Farm in the Woods
ashwaters77: Navy Dock
ashwaters77: Portrait of a Saint
ashwaters77: Monochrome Love
ashwaters77: Sunrise at the Beach
ashwaters77: Sunset at Sunset Beach
ashwaters77: Sunrise at Cape May
ashwaters77: View from the Hoover Dam