AnthonyPaul_: Strangers
AnthonyPaul_: Ascending from the Metro
AnthonyPaul_: Thomas
AnthonyPaul_: on the beech
AnthonyPaul_: Under Baker Street
AnthonyPaul_: Direction
AnthonyPaul_: City Light
AnthonyPaul_: Curve Exchange
AnthonyPaul_: Hi Vis
AnthonyPaul_: Escalating
AnthonyPaul_: Greenwich Balconies
AnthonyPaul_: Platform 5
AnthonyPaul_: London Bridge Station
AnthonyPaul_: Baker Street
AnthonyPaul_: Facilitators
AnthonyPaul_: We're avin a fag !
AnthonyPaul_: St Pancras Pedestrian Walkway
AnthonyPaul_: Kings Cross