ansharphoto: Burmaese Peasant Working in Field near Taung Tha Man Lake, Mandalay, Myanmar
ansharphoto: Two Monks Praying Inside Ancient Temple with the Reclining Buddha, Bagan, Myanmar
ansharphoto: Fisherman Throwing Net Early in the Morning, Taung Tha Man Lake, Mandalay, Myanmar
ansharphoto: Ananda Temple at Sunrise, Bagan, Myanmar
ansharphoto: Burmaese Peasant Working in Field near Ancient Temples in the Morning, Bagan, Myanmar
ansharphoto: Two Monks on the Stairs of Small Mingun Pagoda in the Evening, Mingun, Myanmar
ansharphoto: Burmese Fisherman on the Boat with Traditional Conical Net in the Morning, Lake Inle, Myanmar
ansharphoto: Panorama of Ancient Temple Interior with the Seated Buddhas in Bagan, Myanmar
ansharphoto: Nyaung Ohak Pagodas in the Evening, Inle Lake, Myanmar
ansharphoto: Myint Mo Taung Temple Complex in the Evening, Inwa, Myanmar
ansharphoto: Little Venice in Chora at Sunset, Mykonos, Greece
ansharphoto: Old Windmills in Chora at Sunrise, Mykonos, Greece
ansharphoto: Chora Skyline in the Morning, Naxos, Greece
ansharphoto: Lighthouse and Old Venetian Port in Chania at Sunset, Crete, Greece
ansharphoto: Pulteney Bridge in the Evening, Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom
ansharphoto: The Wall on Which the Prophets Wrote
ansharphoto: King's Road
ansharphoto: Warden of the Light
ansharphoto: Lady of the Dancing Water
ansharphoto: Rainbows Ends and Gold
ansharphoto: Broken Path
ansharphoto: World on the Scales
ansharphoto: Balance of Change
ansharphoto: In the Wake Of Poseidon
ansharphoto: Keeper of the Keys
ansharphoto: Coast of Swords
ansharphoto: Unicorn
ansharphoto: Ghosts of Dawn
ansharphoto: Beyond the Fate
ansharphoto: Gates of Fate