annjacqueline61: Hayle Estuary
annjacqueline61: Sandpiper
annjacqueline61: Red wine
annjacqueline61: Center stage
annjacqueline61: Frosty morning walk with Maisie
annjacqueline61: Canadian Geese II
annjacqueline61: Trio of wigeon ducks
annjacqueline61: Mr Pigeon
annjacqueline61: Red delight
annjacqueline61: Heads up!
annjacqueline61: Winter pink
annjacqueline61: Be Still
annjacqueline61: The Gathering Series II
annjacqueline61: After the rain
annjacqueline61: Mute Swan
annjacqueline61: Soft purple
annjacqueline61: Afternoon flight
annjacqueline61: White Egret II
annjacqueline61: White egret
annjacqueline61: Canadian Geese in winter
annjacqueline61: On the run
annjacqueline61: Dramatic sky II
annjacqueline61: Dramatic Sky
annjacqueline61: Golden Days
annjacqueline61: Golden Days
annjacqueline61: Maisie paddling
annjacqueline61: Nature path
annjacqueline61: Playing on the marshes
annjacqueline61: Two golden leaves