A.M.G.1: Staring me down!
A.M.G.1: Here's lookin' at you! International Zebra Day 31 January 2024
A.M.G.1: Twins? A young pair of impala calves (Aepyceros melampus) Explored - 26 January 2024
A.M.G.1: Thinking symmetrically
A.M.G.1: Dark-capped (Black-eyed) Bulbul refreshing himself in the shallows of the Great Limpopo River
A.M.G.1: David & Goliath
A.M.G.1: Feeding frenzy
A.M.G.1: Zebra crossing - look left, look right - (Explored November 13, 2023)
A.M.G.1: Sniffin' around (Explored 17 October 2023)
A.M.G.1: Gemsbok
A.M.G.1: Female leopard (Panthera pardus) making her way to a quiet place in a Mashatu tree
A.M.G.1: windy day at the waterhole
A.M.G.1: A yearling male Impala portrait
A.M.G.1: African woolly-necked stork or African woollyneck (Ciconia microscelis)
A.M.G.1: A 'blot' of Elephants (Loxodonta) explored 060223
A.M.G.1: Close ...awfully close but no cigar! Seen at a water hole in Moremi Game Reserve - Botswana
A.M.G.1: White rhino-up close and personal (Ceratotherium simum)
A.M.G.1: That chase was thirsty work! Image taken after chasing down impala ewe
A.M.G.1: together (Panthera leo)
A.M.G.1: Holly in South Africa? This elephant (Loxodonta) found it
A.M.G.1: An iconic image ....tusk and trunk of one of the planets favourite animals - the African Bush elephant ((Loxodonta africana)
A.M.G.1: what you see is what you get...Ele's with an amazing azure sky!
A.M.G.1: Impala ram (Aepyceros melampus) with Burchell's zebra backdrop (Equus quagga burchellii) Explored 18/11/22
A.M.G.1: Crested Barbet (Trachyphonus vaillantii)
A.M.G.1: ''broken tooth convention'' (explored 25 Oct 2022) Note: the texture of the thin dry clay gives the impression that the image sharpness/focus has been overdone
A.M.G.1: mirrored!
A.M.G.1: Sossiesvlei Dead Tree Vlei Dune landscape
A.M.G.1: Zebra tussle (Equus quagga)
A.M.G.1: Young male lion portrait (Panthera leo)
A.M.G.1: Portrait - African Wild dog - explored - 16 February 2022