alextbaum: Showy
alextbaum: Leafy
alextbaum: Cattle Egret
alextbaum: Great Blue Flew
alextbaum: Nest Tender
alextbaum: And yet another old one
alextbaum: Like finding a $20 in a pocket
alextbaum: Longwood Gardens
alextbaum: Move along. Nothing here to see.
alextbaum: Outta Here.
alextbaum: A Daisy through Concrete
alextbaum: A Mother's Tale
alextbaum: Watch and Learn
alextbaum: Compact Flyer
alextbaum: Gray Catbird
alextbaum: It's all in the eyes
alextbaum: I need to learn how to do that?
alextbaum: Flight of the Spoonbills
alextbaum: Seasons Greetings
alextbaum: Poseur
alextbaum: In the Trees
alextbaum: Prothonotary Warbler
alextbaum: It's all a balancing act
alextbaum: Cattle Egret
alextbaum: This one's for my friends at the Eagle Pond.
alextbaum: Blue Winged Teal
alextbaum: If these birds were not this color they'd be even uglier
alextbaum: A few birds
alextbaum: Yonder
alextbaum: You're grounded!