kenkantor: I left this where you'd find it.
kenkantor: The end is near. We're going home.
kenkantor: Things that never come.
kenkantor: '77 Punks.
kenkantor: Was there something else you wanted to tell me?
kenkantor: Sorry, I seem to have forgotten your name.
kenkantor: Good advice goes a long way.
kenkantor: Why the sad face?
kenkantor: Bowling was probably a good idea.
kenkantor: The getaway.
kenkantor: Location, Location, Location.
kenkantor: Slightly excessive parenting.
kenkantor: Not the way I expected it to turn out.
kenkantor: Table for one.
kenkantor: There's a place in France where the naked ladies dance.
kenkantor: When in New York.
kenkantor: Friday morning in a strange town.
kenkantor: Skill and chance.
kenkantor: Places you can't go.
kenkantor: The lady doth protest.
kenkantor: People of the future.
kenkantor: Facts matter.
kenkantor: McArthur BART is melting in the dark.
kenkantor: Envy.
kenkantor: Overtime.
kenkantor: By the time I got to the door there was no one there.
kenkantor: Missed again.
kenkantor: Soldering iron sculpture, kitchen.
kenkantor: An old friend I am worried about.
kenkantor: Overlapping spectral lines.