mojtahed.naser: Cheetah cubs
mojtahed.naser: Passion Flower,
mojtahed.naser: The Pink Cafe
mojtahed.naser: Red Barn on the Prairie
mojtahed.naser: The Charmer
mojtahed.naser: Looking for Love
mojtahed.naser: The Sea of Grass (explored).
mojtahed.naser: Morning Light on Shiprock (explored).
mojtahed.naser: Blue-Gray Tanager, next to Hylaeaicum, captured in Costa Rica
mojtahed.naser: Long Tailed Sylph
mojtahed.naser: Orange Nectar bat
mojtahed.naser: Lily, Macro, stack of 18 images
mojtahed.naser: First Light on the Wilson Peak
mojtahed.naser: Southwest deserts of Utah (explored).
mojtahed.naser: Rufous-Tailed hummingbird,
mojtahed.naser: A Walk Through the Fall Colors
mojtahed.naser: Towers of Antiquity (explored).
mojtahed.naser: Torres del Paine mountain range, Chilean Patagonia
mojtahed.naser: Green-crowned Brilliant
mojtahed.naser: Aspens Reflections,
mojtahed.naser: Reflections (explored).
mojtahed.naser: Green Hermit
mojtahed.naser: Violet Saberwing,
mojtahed.naser: Hanksville, Utah (explored)
mojtahed.naser: Blue Grey tanager
mojtahed.naser: Green-Crowned Brilliant
mojtahed.naser: Palafitos
mojtahed.naser: Southwest Colorado (explored).
mojtahed.naser: Southern Peru, outside Cusco