ICM5: Sunday Morning
ICM5: Lake Erie's Glory
ICM5: Start Your Day With a Splash
ICM5: The Rest and Be Thankful
ICM5: Glencoe, Scotland
ICM5: Train Bridge Over Loch Awe
ICM5: Inverarary Castle, Inveraray, Scotland
ICM5: Lake Erie Morning
ICM5: Bubbling Up
ICM5: Natures Reclamation Project
ICM5: First Ferry of the Morning
ICM5: Dawn on Lake Erie
ICM5: Catawba Island Sunset
ICM5: The best part of waking up...
ICM5: Mayfly Hatch, Sundown Lake Erie
ICM5: Stunning Start
ICM5: Ready to blow away
ICM5: Above Blue Hen Falls
ICM5: IMG_0584
ICM5: Peek-a-boo Sunrise
ICM5: IMG_0466
ICM5: IMG_0441
ICM5: Spot Light on the Morning
ICM5: Easter Sunset
ICM5: Welcome to the Lakeshore
ICM5: Springtime at the lake
ICM5: Goodnight Sun
ICM5: SAM_1136
ICM5: With a grain...