ICM5: SAM_1136
ICM5: With a grain...
ICM5: Icicle Works
ICM5: End of a Great Spring Day
ICM5: Kelley's Island Sun
ICM5: Blue
ICM5: Before the Morning Storm
ICM5: SAM_1015
ICM5: SAM_0982
ICM5: Broken
ICM5: Feeling Blue
ICM5: Fire and Ice
ICM5: Drip
ICM5: Almost Time
ICM5: This sunrise brought to you by the letter "I"
ICM5: Lake Erie Sunrise from Catawba Island
ICM5: Through the Frigid Haze
ICM5: Tectonic Ice
ICM5: Frozen Twilight on the Portage
ICM5: Winter Finds Southwest Shore of Lake Erie
ICM5: IMG_9432
ICM5: Strike a Pose
ICM5: Big Smile
ICM5: Clearing sky after January thunderstorm
ICM5: Blue Christmas
ICM5: Let the Day Begin
ICM5: DecemberSky
ICM5: A Nose Ahead
ICM5: Lovely to See