Sue-10: Welcome Fall !
Sue-10: Sunset
Sue-10: Portrait-miniature
Sue-10: Happy Autumn
Sue-10: Reflection-3
Sue-10: Reflection-2
Sue-10: Reflection-1
Sue-10: Purple rose for this week
Sue-10: Happy Fall !
Sue-10: Terrifying sky
Sue-10: Don't worry I'm here
Sue-10: Tornado abstract
Sue-10: Observer
Sue-10: Explosion of autumn colors
Sue-10: Leaves in focus
Sue-10: I want to whisper something to you...
Sue-10: Droplets and colors of autumn
Sue-10: Orchid triptych
Sue-10: Sunset with orchid
Sue-10: Autumn golden leaves
Sue-10: Happy Autumn !
Sue-10: Never without me..
Sue-10: Straight and rounded lines
Sue-10: Summer to remember
Sue-10: Days are getting shorter...
Sue-10: Born in fire
Sue-10: Homemade plum pie with whipped cream
Sue-10: Happy Abstract
Sue-10: Pink blossom
Sue-10: Amazing colors of October