Sue-10: Floral still life
Sue-10: On the way to the lake
Sue-10: Yellow landscape
Sue-10: Pretty house by the bay
Sue-10: Rose in the rain
Sue-10: Dead coral
Sue-10: Crocuses on canvas
Sue-10: Song of spring
Sue-10: Prague.Praha.Prag.Praga
Sue-10: Crocus
Sue-10: Pink flowers with bubbles
Sue-10: Yellow pansy
Sue-10: Turtledoves
Sue-10: Happy Easter
Sue-10: Still life on my terrace
Sue-10: Friends
Sue-10: Red explosion
Sue-10: Old house in Vänersborg-SE
Sue-10: Tender dream
Sue-10: Beach
Sue-10: Tampa by night - FL
Sue-10: Cape Coral canal - FL
Sue-10: Waiting for summer
Sue-10: White flower in night lights
Sue-10: Demo of own ceramics production
Sue-10: Ft.Myers pier /Florida
Sue-10: Time is running fast....
Sue-10: Purity
Sue-10: Dreaming
Sue-10: Pink Rose