foxxyg2: B5D_4217-8 Dusk on a Cloudy Day
foxxyg2: B5D_5181b The Colour Purple
foxxyg2: B5D_7363b The Light Softly Falls
foxxyg2: 4876a Reflections In a Muddy River
foxxyg2: B5D_6325 Nature's Stranglehold
foxxyg2: B5D_4381 Lunch in The Land of Smiles
foxxyg2: B5D_8594 Bangkok at Dusk
foxxyg2: B5D_5483SE Casting his nets far and wide
foxxyg2: B5D_6217 Sunset in Cambodia
foxxyg2: B5D_7854 Any Umbrellas.....
foxxyg2: 3993b Feeling Blue
foxxyg2: B5D_1301 Eternity in Rock
foxxyg2: 4187ab2 Abstracting The Extract
foxxyg2: A5D_3270 Early Christian Catacombs
foxxyg2: 4211b Every Night a new Experience
foxxyg2: Remembering the Last of the Vulcans
foxxyg2: 4169ib Extracting the Abstract (1)
foxxyg2: 4140b Skyfall
foxxyg2: IMG_0394 Wat Arun, The Temple of Dawn
foxxyg2: 4068b Light at the end of the tunnel
foxxyg2: B5D_4014 After the Storms
foxxyg2: 5789CETS Faded Glory
foxxyg2: 7023hb The Mission - 250 years and going strong
foxxyg2: 2802-4 Naxos, Paros and the Islands Beyond
foxxyg2: B5D_2754b Velvet Skies
foxxyg2: 2900-1 A 20/20 view of Naxos from 2019
foxxyg2: 2836hCETSb The Long Walk Home
foxxyg2: 3534b A Night in The Kastro
foxxyg2: B5D_3999 A new dawn, a new day, a new decade
foxxyg2: 2683ab Reflecting on 2019