Halloween HJB: BARBIER, George. "La leçon bien apprise", La Guirlande, Nov. 1919.
Halloween HJB: La Guirlande [Lady reading]
janwillemsen: gevonden foto dame pm 1930 b foto heer interieur j 20
patrick.marks: CHROMO GEELS & CO KOFFIE - SERIE 47 MALER II - Murillo- Die Melonenesser
janwillemsen: Henriette Willebeek-Lemair Baby s dagboek ill z 10
BioDivLibrary: n18_w1150
BioDivLibrary: n85_w1150
DaveH1970: CX3A1721
Xacobeo4: New York Orders Residents to Wear Masks in Public In time Square_
The Library of Congress: Bernhardt [Joan of Arc] (LOC)
guysandtravel: Cumbria and the Lake District, October 2020 547
rooftop65: Explore the Gorge
andrevanb: semi abstract
Antonio Marín Segovia: _4170185 (1)
urano75: Pantheon
Bart&Co.: My Fair Lady
Thomas Hawk: William Shatner
s0340248: DSC17316 Würzburg Sommer 2019
s0340248: DSC26652 Zum Weinberg 2020
x-ray delta one: 1909 Jqd1tui94yo1_1280 [R]
vivienne_strauss: all gone now
lhboudreau: “Robinson Crusoe on Mars” (Paramount Pictures, 1964). Original British Lobby Card. Commander Draper (Paul Mantee) searches for what he needs to survive on Mars