gr8deal_mi: Suck it Trumpers
gr8deal_mi: To the crazy ones
gr8deal_mi: We the people (the sane of us) elect the Trump clan for prison! 😂😂😂😂😂 F__K YOU B¡TCHES!
gr8deal_mi: Poetic justice, LOCK HIM UP.
gr8deal_mi: PEOPLE LIKE THIS..... are what's wrong with the USA. F__K YOU BOOMER!.
gr8deal_mi: Dear (sarcasm on the dear) Trump supporters:
gr8deal_mi: Light painted Vette
gr8deal_mi: Master
gr8deal_mi: HelloFresh vegetarian flautas, YUM!
gr8deal_mi: Cheerful dining room
gr8deal_mi: Family Room
gr8deal_mi: High End White Kitchen
gr8deal_mi: Lakefront Greatroom
gr8deal_mi: Yet another.....NOoooooook!
gr8deal_mi: Master
gr8deal_mi: Country Dining
gr8deal_mi: Office
gr8deal_mi: Dining
gr8deal_mi: Nice Pool!
gr8deal_mi: Classic dining room
gr8deal_mi: Nice white kitchen!
gr8deal_mi: Open concept with vault
gr8deal_mi: Country Mansion
gr8deal_mi: Bespoke kitchen, country style
gr8deal_mi: Open concept meets galley style kitchen
gr8deal_mi: Sitting Room