rosch2012: ...a beautiful winter day!
rosch2012: Impressionnant Bern / Switzerland
rosch2012: DSC_9512
rosch2012: St. Bernhard Panorama
rosch2012: Water and Wine
rosch2012: Water and Wine
rosch2012: ...another view on the beautiful Lavaux!
rosch2012: ....some more Clouds.
rosch2012: Step by Step
rosch2012: DSC_9252
rosch2012: Feel disturbed!
rosch2012: Life in the Swiss Alps
rosch2012: Spectacular Gorges du Durnand
rosch2012:'s a long way...
rosch2012: Please - come in!
rosch2012: Morning Mist at Lake Geneva
rosch2012: ...this is our Lake!!
rosch2012: DSC_9151
rosch2012: High Relaxation
rosch2012: Mont Blanc Massif
rosch2012: Great St. Bernard
rosch2012: DSC_9100
rosch2012: Cascata Biolet
rosch2012: Relax with a fantastic View
rosch2012: Castello di Sarre
rosch2012: Various Heights
rosch2012: Common Barberry /Berberis vulgaris / Gewöhnliche Berberitze
rosch2012: it pulling you down?
rosch2012: Cogne
rosch2012: ...looks soft...