hbk1955: vintage vacuum tubes on a chassis
hbk1955: South Moutain Creamery
hbk1955: My Parents 1950s In the photobooth
hbk1955: Everyone has a dream
hbk1955: A little sign on the phone pole around the corned a bit.
hbk1955: My wife and I a year before we got married on the Festival, Carnival Cruise Lines.
hbk1955: The Raven mobile
hbk1955: Musician performing
hbk1955: I am not John Lennon
hbk1955: A tall statue of a cow up close
hbk1955: Cheeseburger and fries
hbk1955: 1-3-1980. My father and my sister, Her stepfather on there mutual birthday.
hbk1955: 4th of July and the Heritage Fair Dundalk Md.
hbk1955: I guess Its a baby lama.
hbk1955: I guess Its a baby lama closeup.
hbk1955: Yearbooks of the past.
hbk1955: Yearbooks of the past.
hbk1955: Helicopter Hovering
hbk1955: Helicopter Hovering
hbk1955: Even though its the name of the beer but it is also my initials "Hans Bernard" Since my father was the same name my family called me HB.
hbk1955: Munchen Hofbrauhaus
hbk1955: Niagra Fall Canada, its amazing how some thing never change. I got a sceenshot of the towers now and my pictures in 1969. There are alot more building now though.
hbk1955: Pilgrims Progress Signed for someone in 1896
hbk1955: A christmas carol copyright 1920
hbk1955: Actually this is a picture my son took at the Baltimore Inner Harbor with the morning fog over the water.
hbk1955: This was a photo from Holloween several years ago
hbk1955: the long pier at Baltimore harbar
hbk1955: Boats
hbk1955: catcus
hbk1955: boats