Northern_Nights: Moonrise
Northern_Nights: Smell the Roses
Northern_Nights: Havest Moonlight_TL
Northern_Nights: Turbulent Harvest Moonrise_TL
Northern_Nights: Prairie Rays
Northern_Nights: Morning Smoke & Rays
Northern_Nights: Smoke & Haze & Rays @ Sunset
Northern_Nights: Fire Sky
Northern_Nights: last Lightning of Season_5
Northern_Nights: last Lightning of Season_4
Northern_Nights: last Lightning of Season_3
Northern_Nights: last Lightning of Season_2
Northern_Nights: Last Lightning of Season_1
Northern_Nights: Altocumulus stratiformis opacus mamma
Northern_Nights: Sunrise_650AM
Northern_Nights: Sunrise_645AM
Northern_Nights: Sunrise_637AM_North
Northern_Nights: Sunrise_630AM_Southeast
Northern_Nights: Sailors Take Warning_TL
Northern_Nights: Backlit Sunset Showers
Northern_Nights: Cloud Filled Sunrise
Northern_Nights: Smoke & Cirrus Sunrise_627AM
Northern_Nights: Smoke & Cirrus Sunrise_623AM
Northern_Nights: Smoke & Cirrus Sunrise_620AM
Northern_Nights: Record September Heat
Northern_Nights: smoke-cirrus-contrail at sunset
Northern_Nights: Ambient Sunset_TL
Northern_Nights: Smoky Cirrus after Sundown
Northern_Nights: Mammatus and Turbulence (Explored)