Bennilover: Window in old San Juan Capistrano
Bennilover: It's the little things, like going to old San Juan Capistrano with Benni on a cool October morning.
Bennilover: Lighting Autumn
Bennilover: The Guardian
Bennilover: Mission Inn Door
Bennilover: Winter in Glass
Bennilover: Wedding Photo
Bennilover: Background Check
Bennilover: The Keyhole from the other side
Bennilover: Message from Jail
Bennilover: "Windows - looking in, looking out, seeing people and places, discovering..."
Bennilover: "My Very Bad Day" by Benni Girl
Bennilover: Wonder at the Zoo
Bennilover: Hidden Garden
Bennilover: "Still round the corner there may wait, a new road or a secret gate."
Bennilover: Very Animated Cactus
Bennilover: Hidden Courtyard
Bennilover: Storm Trooper Takeover!
Bennilover: We were wowed!
Bennilover: Christmas Door
Bennilover: Welcome Christmas Wreath
Bennilover: Wheat Wreath
Bennilover: Warm Welcome
Bennilover: "Objects in mirror closer than they appear."
Bennilover: "Watch out, I think he's coming!"
Bennilover: Foggy Dining
Bennilover: El Camino Real
Bennilover: Tunnel Vision
Bennilover: A week from today!
Bennilover: Strange Encounter in San Luis Obispo